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> Love for the Costa del Sol
The real goal is to savor the joy of our customers when they arrive in their home where their love for the Costa del Sol begins.

> The Costa del Sol is a tourist destination of excellence all year round thanks to its unique climate, always exceptionally mild and to the precious offer in the environmental, cultural and leisure terms.

Why invest in Cosa del Sol?
320 days of sunshine a year, 150 km of free beaches, a hundred golf courses, countless destinations for relaxation and fun, a road hub that makes it easy to reach all destinations in Andalusia. All this, combined with the varied real estate offer, leads many people from Italy and other countries to want a home in this corner of paradise in southern Spain.

Edomo International offers 360 ° assistance to customers wishing to purchase on the Costa del Sol.
Often buying a property abroad is synonymous with a company without guarantees, an uphill path made up of long complex practices. Not in our case: our customers, and among them many Italians who have come to us in recent decades, have confessed that they did not expect it to be so easy to make their dream come true. Our company is made up of accountants, lawyers and experts in the real estate sector and we demonstrate our professionalism by achieving the goal without stress for customers. We win their trust with simplicity and truth. We are rooted in the territory and for this we offer the best investment opportunities. We understand the real estate business as the achievement of well-being at 360 °. For example, most of our customers have bought a house at a modest price attracted by the investment because here the real estate revaluation is constantly growing. Then they fell in love with the place and in a short time we helped them to resell the property to buy a larger or more suitable one.

A golf lover’s paradise.
Many golf lovers ask us for a second home to spend autumn and winter here to play golf in the sun. One of the solutions that they appreciated the most was our proposal of guaranteed properties to be rented when they are not in use. This way they enjoy the golf season and at the same time not only bring down the cost of ownership but earn an annual income.

A fabulous destination within everyone’s reach.
It is really important to identify the potential of real estate and to personally guarantee the execution of the purchase process steps. The Costa del Sol is within everyone’s reach and satisfies everyone: sea and mountains, food, beaches and a splendid climate all year round. Airports with direct international flights. City like
Malaga, Tarifa, Seville, Cordoba, Marbella and folkloristic villages offer culture, glamor, leisure and relaxation and sport. Let’s not forget that we are also known as the “Costa del Golf”! The first of our tasks is to focus on how the potential of our territory solves the needs of customers, since stopping at the purchase and sale of properties would be an understatement. The Costa del Sol is not only a splendid tourist destination, it represents a real philosophy of life.



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